Primary Facilitator:  Charlene Y. Dunn, Ed.D


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Our Mission

Today's professional landscape was shaped by teachers who take on extra jobs to supplement their income to have a suitable living.  Tomorrow's workforce will be shaped by youth who will choose the career path of being an employee or entrepreneur.  The commonality in the plight of the teacher and the untapped potential of the youth, is the mission of Infinity Educators, LLC, to teach children about business and coach educators in starting their own.

Infinity Educators is here to...
  1. Help educators repurpose their teacher talents into impactful income opportunities. 

  2. Engage children in experiences that will help develop their business and entrepreneurial skills.

Building Businesses

Children are innovative individuals  who can create businesses to solve problems, and fulfill the needs of customers. 

Building Businesses

Teachers can apply their content knowledge and the skills learned from Infinity Educators to venture into teacherpreneurship. 

Proud Enthusiast of  Kidpreneurs & Edupreneurs